About Hometown Vets

Hometown Vets is the kind of animal hospital where we want your pet to be just as happy coming in as they are when they’re leaving. Open 6 days a week, our practice is a place of comfort, kindness, and nothing but respect for you and your pet. We’re wholehearted advocates for the human-animal bond, and for giving our patients and clients a stress-free experience. Our goal is to bring you and your pet closer together, and to do that, we hold ourselves responsible for giving you both outstanding, personalized treatment.

Meet Dr. Doss

Welcome to Hometown Vets Covington. It is a honor and privilege that I can help you and your pets have a longer, healthier life together. I am a native of Covington. My parents Bob and Anne Wheeler recognized from a very early age that I had a special connection to my pets and all animals and they nurtured those relationships. My childhood pets taught me so much about unconditional love and acceptance.

I began my journey in Veterinary Medicine by working in the kennel of a local Veterinarian during high school. I graduated from Newton County High School in 1991 and went on to graduate from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. I married my high school sweetheart, Joe Doss, in 1996 and we have two beautiful girls, McKayla and Katie. Joe has been with City of Covington Fire Department for 22 years and is currently Deputy Chief Fire Marshal.

Over the past 23 years, I have worked in both small animal and emergency practice. For the past 10 years, I have been a member of The Village Vets in Decatur. I have returned to Covington to open my own practice to be near family and to fulfill a dream that started in my childhood. I am committed to only the best for your best friends.

Dr Doss
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Veterinary Staff

Jessie W.


Jessie is a Fear Free Certified Registered Veterinary Technician who graduated from Athens Technical College in 2010. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is the wellness of your animal and making sure that they are protected throughout their life. She enjoys making sure that each and every patient who comes in receives the best care for their lifestyle. Whether it be a brand new kitten or your loyal best friend of many years, she is here to help them live their best lives!

Dianna V.


Dianna is a Registered Veterinary Technician and Fear Free Certified professional who has been in the veterinary field since she was 17 years old. Growing up in a suburb of Detroit Michigan, she had two pet parakeets but adored relatives’ and friends’ dogs and cats. Dianna V. attended Macomb Community College and graduated from veterinary technician school in 2004. Her professional interests include feline medicine, applying Fear Free techniques to all patients and educating pet parents on how best to care for their fur baby. Her favorite part of her job is welcoming newly adopted rescue pets to Hometown Vets!

Ayden W.


Ayden started her career in veterinary medicine in 2021. Her favorite part of being a veterinary assistant is cardiology and puppy exams. She aspires to work in specialty medicine specific to cardiology. She cares for each animal like they were her own and tries to make their visit fun and memorable. Hope you don’t mind your pets getting treats, they’re never far away when Ayden is around. From listening for heart murmurs to administering puppy vaccines, nothing is better than making sure your new adorable best friend starts out their life right!

Jessica F.

Certified Assistant

Jessica is a certified veterinary assistant who has been in the field for 5 years and is currently enrolled in school to become a registered veterinary technician. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is improving the lives of each and every animal that comes in through client education. With having 2 dogs of her own, knowing the best way to care for your fur baby is what Jessica loves to educate clients on. Worried that you have too many questions? Fret not, that’s what she is here for!

Nicole W.


Nicole is brand new to the veterinary field. Her favorite part about the veterinary field are the feline fur babies. She believes our feline friends can be misunderstood so she is here to be a voice for them. From vaccinations to sick visits she loves them all and is there to make their visit as fear free as possible. When Nicole is around, the cat whisperer is in!

Office Staff

Loreon M.

Hospital Manager

Loreon is brand new to the field of veterinary medicine. She has been in the customer service industry for over 10 years. Her favorite part about veterinary medicine are the kittens that come in needing snuggles. She devotes her day to day serving the clients of Hometown Vets. Whether it be vaccine reminders, documentation, or simply setting up an appointment, Loreon is here to take care of it for you so you can focus on your fur baby!

Haley S.


Haley has been working with animals all her life. She loves day to day pets as well as the exotic wonders! She loves seeing each fur baby come in and meeting them as well as getting to know each owner. Her favorite part is getting to see each animal leaving feeling much better than when they came in. You’ll know her by her contagious smile, unique style, and the snuggles she leaves along the way!

Iris H.


Iris is new to the veterinary profession though her love for animals has always been there. She is currently in school to become a veterinary technician and aspires to become a veterinarian in the future. Her favorite part about working in the field is the diagnostics in learning what is going on with our furry friends. Her goal is to make sure that you’re sweet fur baby leaves feeling better from the inside out!

Miranda L.


Miranda is a high school student starting her career in the veterinary field. She has a passion for animals and helping care for them brings her great joy. Her favorite part about working in a vets office is getting to know each client and patient that walks through the door, as well as getting to experience the love each owner has for their fur baby.You’ll always be greeted with big smile that reminds you that everyday is a paw-some day when Miranda is around!

Clinic Cats


Clinic Snack Specialist

VooDoo lived in the bushes outside the clinic in 2021 when Hometown Vets opened. He was discovered by Ayden and after gaining his trust she discovered that he was in respiratory distress. Dr. Doss diagnosed him with a diaphragmatic hernia and saved his life with emergency surgery! VooDoo settled quite well into his new home and role in the clinic. His favorite part of the day is snuggle time with Dr. Doss, quickly followed by snack time. With his sophisticated pallet and healthy amount of sassy he keeps things in line around the clinic. VooDoo keeps our technicians right on time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… no one leaves hungry when VooDoo is around!

Hank Williams Jr.

Quality Control Representative

Hank was brought in by a client who found him on the street. He was unable to see and developed a polyp in the back of his throat. VooDoo adopted Hank over his time here in the clinic and the rest is history. Hank is devoted to cleanliness and assures that our counters are kept clear and clean. His favorite part about being a clinic cat is helping the technicians in the lab, as well as monitoring the patients with snuggles when they come in. He is the office patient advocate supervisor. The best time of day is when Hank curls into a nice comfy spot and looks like a little angel now that his mischief has been managed!

Holding Black And White Cat

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